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Creative Clothing

Colorful apparel that extends beyond the traditional channels of artistic expression.

To be worn at sundown by modern-day soldiers that are part of no army, scarred by aeons of age-old wandering in search of hidden treasures, fighting for lost causes and midnight self-reflection.

An intensely urban outfit for the postmodern Prometheus that is the contemporary woman. Perfectly fit to reflect the graffiti of the city, it has long time ago abandoned any need to justify itself.

A passionate outburst of color, conceptualized by a readable message, over a blue jeans canvas, resulting in a fusion of emotion that declares itself free of limitations.

Is it a work of art?

Yes, it is. All items are handpainted, patched, sewn over or reinvented in various ways, and they are a creative expression that extends beyond the traditional approach in both painting and clothing design, while being both simultaneously.

Is it unique?

Of course. Like most works of art, these items are one of a kind and they are unique. The collections are also themselves exclusively limited editions that contain only one piece of each item. There will be no reissues or works redone by demand, ever.

Is it wearable?

Yes, just like regular jackets. All items can be worn with no concerns other than the curious eyes of urban passers-by. Items can be safely washed, rained-on, snowed on and intensely admired. Or subjected to controversy, for that matter.

How can I buy something?

There is a Request this item button that you can use to send a request for that particular piece of the collection. Fill in your contact details and you'll receive a reply in less than a day.

Do you do works by demand?

I might. It depends on the moods of the Moon, on what your request is and how close it comes to Love Kils Jiins' outermost fringes. If there is emotion, all art is possible.

How can I contact LKJ?

You can get in touch using the details in the contact page. Besides that, there is a contact button for all items that are still available, which you can use for a direct request.